Energetická bezpečnost střední a východní Evropy

Polské velvyslanectví, Praha 1 30.10.2014 

I have the pleasure to invite you to an energyseminar “Energy Security in Central and Eastern Europe - How Recent Developments May Affect Regional Cooperation?, to be held on30 October 2014 at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Prague.

The principal goal of the seminar is to deliver policy and business recommendations, stemming from recent developments in energy markets and progress made in V4 energy cooperation. Another objective will be to debate on challenges energy cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe is now facing, with particular emphasis on growing geopolitical instability, and security of supplies in winter months. Confirmed panelists:Jan Michal, Head of the Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic;Pavol Hamžík, Ambassador-at-Large for Energy Security, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic;Jan Zaplatílek, Director, Department of Gas and Liquid Fuels, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic;Márton Bálint Sipos, Director, Department for Strategy and Energy Policy, Ministry of National Development of Hungary;Adam Janczak, Deputy Director, Department of Economy of the EU, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland;Jiří Michalik, Member of the Board of Directors, Association of the Energy Managers (A.e.M.);Andreas Rau, CEO and Managing Director, NET4GAS, s.r.o.; Andrzej Kozłowski, Member of the Board of Directors, Unipetrol, a.s.

RSVP: Wojciech Bełch (wojciech.belch@msz.gov.pl, +420 257 099 515), by 27 October 2014. Early confirmation is recommended due to limited number of seats.


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